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Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning uses Professional Eavestrough Cleaners and equipment.  Minor eavestrough repair too.  We will analyze what is required and render the appropriate cleaning.
The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care encourages regular cleaning of your eavestrough as a means of protection against West Nile Virus.

We are proud to be the Toronto Dealer chosen for the installation of a new, time-tested, product called, Gutter Filter™, which eliminates the need for eavestrough cleaning.  Yes, never clean your eavestroughs again!  Guaranteed. 

Gutter Filter™ even helps protects your family from the threat of West Nile Virus!

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Never Clean Your Eavestroughs Again! Guaranteed.

Toronto Clear View Window Cleaning is proud to be the Toronto Dealer chosen for the installation of a time-tested, product called, Gutter Filter™.  Consider just a few of its advantages:

These are only a fraction of the many benefits of Gutter Filter™

We have installed many Gutter / Eavestrough protection type products over the years and have found Gutter Filter™ to be by far the best currently on the market.

For a brochure about Gutter Filter™, click here.

For those wishing to educate themselves even further about Gutter Filter™, we are pleased to provide approximately 20 minutes of high quality video available online in our "Password Protected Area" (See Privacy Policy below).  The video clips provide opportunity to see Gutter Filter™ in action, how it handles extreme seasonal changes, cost information, and more.  We are confident that the video clips and webpage content will answer most, if not all, of your questions about the Gutter Filter™ product. 

Click on the following link for a low quality sample of one of the video files available for review.

Click here for Gutter Filter™ Introduction Video Sample
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Why require such information in the first place?  These are high quality video clips that place a lot of strain on servers and bandwidth.  Additionally, these measures have been implemented in order to weed out those who are not truly serious about the best gutter / eavestrough protection system available today.


The following are the Video Clips (Microsoft Media Player Required) available in our "Password Protected Area".


Video Clips (Microsoft Media Player Required)

Connection Speed
Introduction - (2:26) Dial-up Hi-speed
Debris Handling - (2:18) Dial-up Hi-speed
Water Flow, Roof Pitch and Filtering - (2:30) Dial-up Hi-speed
Stop Mosquito Breeding, and More - (1:29) Dial-up Hi-speed
30 Year Durability - (1:23) Dial-up Hi-speed
Winter Advantages - (1:55) Dial-up Hi-speed
Innovative Design - (1:22) Dial-up Hi-speed
Lifetime No Clog Warranty - (1:31) Dial-up Hi-speed
Installation Advantages - (2:16) Dial-up Hi-speed
True Cost of Maintenance - (2:15) Dial-up Hi-speed
No More Outdated Technology - (2:50) Dial-up Hi-speed


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